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Awards close on 30th June 2021 at 5pm

Best Business Women Awards

Our awards are all about recognising great female entrepreneurs and business leaders who are making a real impact on their industry.

Any business woman who owns or is a partner in a business, is eligible to enter. We are open to any business type from sole trader to large companies.

The business world is full of talented, tenacious and dedicated female entrepreneurs who not only run successful businesses but, in many cases, also juggle the needs of their families.

Our entrepreneurial business awards are designed to recognise the achievement of these women across a wide range of business categories.
This is about sharing your story with our judges, the triumphs, the challenges, and the achievements.

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Key Benefits of the Best Business Women Awards

Gain More Customers

customer service winner babs forman

Winning business awards helps to establish trust and credibility. It can play a key part in a prospective new customer’s decision to choose you ahead of one of your competitors.

2019 Winner Davina Steel – Baking the Difference said
"After the award win, the larger retailers started to take notice of us. It proved we had been externally judged as a business and led us to gain contracts in Co-Op and Waitrose. I do feel the awards made a real difference".

2019 Winner Sophie Miliken – SRS Ltd said
"We have found the award has contributed to our credibility as a business".

Free Media Exposure

legal services winner ayesha nayyar

As a winner or a finalist, the possibilities of media exposure are endless (from radio to magazines, local papers, social media and online articles).

Through these mediums you can help establish your credibility as an expert in your industry. Allowing you to reach a much wider audience with a voice of real authority.

Our winners and finalists get extensive publicity, and through this their business and their industry gains higher visibility.

Since our awards began finalists and winners have had appearances on BBC, Sky, local and national radio shows, and one winner even has her own TV series.

Winning awards puts you and your story on the radar of journalists and TV researchers who want to share your story.

Reviewing Your Business

recruitment winner sophie miliken

Entering our awards takes time to complete. Share your story with our judges and showcase your achievements.  The process will make you review your systems, products, processes and what makes you and your business special.

It gives you a real opportunity to assess your business from many aspects and may even provide you with ideas on how you can become even better.

This is not a voting contest this is a business competition judged by a panel of experts who can only judge on the information they are provided with. So make sure you don’t leave anything out! 

Previous Best Business Women Awards Winners


"I was a finalist 2 years running before ‘Winning the Best Business working with Children and Families in 2018.

This been incredible. Not only does it confirm that we are making a difference but it also lets everybody else hear about the work we are doing with children and young people and the difference we are making. I really couldn’t believe I had won!"

Rebecca Oliver – Tiny Tempos & Tempos Performing Arts 

consumer and retail winner jo bates

"I’d previously entered a few online voting awards but didn’t particularly like them as I felt they were a popularity contest. What attracted me to The Best Business Women Awards was the fact it was business people judging it.

That just appealed to me so much more. The credibility awards bring to your business and opportunity entering an award gives you to review your business. It is a useful process on many levels"

Jo Bates - Thumbise 


"I was delighted to win the Marketing and PR category in 2018. I was honoured to receive such amazing recognition.These awards are so empowering and encouraging to all women in business. Women should put themselves forward for these awards, come out of the shadows and share their achievements. Its time to showcase how excellent you are!"

Denise O’Leary Purpol Marketing 

Enter The Best Business Women Awards Now!