Sponsoring Business Awards

Why should your company get involved?

  • Female entrepreneurship is increasing; it is one of the main back bones of our economy. Many women turn to self employment to juggle the needs of a family with self fulfillment and the requirement to earn a salary.
  • A key benefit of sponsoring business awards is that it associates your company with an awards event that is successful, dynamic and greatly respected. We have had excellent feedback since our launch in 2015. Our finalists, winners and sponsors complimented us on the organisation and communication of the event.
  • This is a great way to reach a group of female business owners that you may find harder to reach with your traditional marketing activities.
  • Celebrate the amazing achievements of business women and to be part of truly recognising and rewarding their success.
  • We created an event which didn’t stop after the award ceremony ended. Each winner is entitled to free membership of The Best Business Women Awards Club. We meet twice a year for networking events which is open to all winners and sponsors. This exclusive club grows each year as more winners are added. Our sponsors are part of that success and we include all sponsors in our events.
  • You will receive promotion at every stage and the opportunity to meet with successful business women and share your company with them.

Our packages start from £1500 plus VAT

Sponsorship Opportunities -

Category Awards Sponsor Package

This can be tailored to your needs.

  • Recognition for supporting excellence in female-owned businesses.
  • Pre and Post event promotion via widespread media coverage.
  • 1-10 seats at the awards final
  • Present the award to your chosen category.
  • Company profile on the website - sponsor page including logo and a link to your website.
  • Your company logo on-screen as winners announced.
  • Your leaflets or promotional items in goody bags given out at events.
  • A table at promotion events to display literature plus banner space at all events.
  • Company special offer email to list of entrants.

Other ways to get involved

  • Drinks reception Sponsor
  • Programme Sponsor

If you're interested in sponsoring our business awards, contact us now for more information debbie@bestbusinesswomenawards.com.