Best Business Women Awards 2020


Our awards recognise, endorse and celebrate women who have successfully launched and grown their businesses. There is no limit to the number of categories you can enter provided they are relevant to you and your business.

Your business MUST be based in the UK or Eire to enter – do not enter if you are based anywhere else.


The full details of the final including ticket cost can be found here. Tickets are only available to finalists and their guests.  Our fabulous winners will be announced at the Gala, when it will be our greatest pleasure to present the well-deserved awards and allow finalists, guests and sponsors to celebrate the remarkable entrepreneurial talent, hard work and success of all who have taken part.

If your company would like to sponsor our awards please contact us to find out more.


The Categories

If you are at all unsure about your eligibility for a particular category, please don’t hesitate to  contact us for advice.

1. Best Business Woman in Business Services

This award will be presented to the best female owned business in the Business Services field. Your business will be one which serves other companies and you’ll be able to demonstrate the outstanding contribution you’ve made to those businesses.

Our judges will be looking for evidence and examples of how you support clients, information on how you built your business and how you retain your clients whilst still gaining new ones. This is an opportunity to showcase your skills, expertise and awareness of customer service.

If your business serves other businesses then this is the category for you.

This category is open to any business in the professional services field. Examples of industry types include: Training Services, business networking , HR, VA & Admin Support, Graphic Design, Printing, Insurance, Bookkeeping, Accountancy.

This category is sponsored by Crane and Staples.

2. Best Business Woman in Health & Wellness

This is an award which will be presented to the best female owned business in the Health or Wellness Therapy industry. Please tell us in your entry submission the positive impact you believe your services have had on the lives of your clients.

To ensure our judges have a complete picture of what you do, please add treatment testimonials, relevant business information and your areas of specialism.

Please also detail for us how you promote your practice to gain new clients, at the same time as maintaining excellent levels of service for current ones.

This category is open to any Health and Wellness business including: Personal Trainer, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Nutritionist, Osteopath, Mental Health Support, Physiotherapist, Yoga Practitioner.

This category is sponsored by Taz Thornton 

3. Best Business Woman working with Children or Families

This award will be presented to the best business woman who runs a business that supports children or families.

We’re looking for you to prove the impact you make in your field and information on how your business provides support and input that makes a clear and beneficial difference to those you work with. Explain how your business makes a difference to the children and families you work with.

This category is open to any business that works directly with children, families or parents including: Theatre and Music Schools, Sporting Clubs, Publications, Tuition, Training, Development, Ante-Natal or Post-Natal Services, Children’s Welfare, Nurseries.

Sponsored by The Aubrey Park Hotel 


4. Best Business Woman in Financial Services

This award will be won by a business woman who deals with personal or commercial finance.

We’d like you to demonstrate in your entry how you maintain the confidence and security of your customers, how your expertise makes a discernible difference to them and the methods you rely on to grow and develop both your business and your reputation.

Please showcase your achievements, your approach and your ethos to show our judges what makes you a stand-out in your industry.

This category is open to any financial services business examples include – IFA’s, Commercial or Domestic Insurance brokers, Wealth Management Consultants, Mortgage Brokers and investment specialists.

Sponsored by RabbIT Training Ltd 


5. Made in the UK

If you make a product in the UK and sell it to consumers then this is the category for you.  You may work face-to-face in a retail outlet, online or both. Tell us about your product, how you brought it to market. How do you ensure an excellent customer experience. Detail the success of your business, the special touches you add, and how you stand out from your competitors. The judges will want to know whether you are working profitably and how you have built an excellent customer base and grown your reputation.

This category is for those companies who sell products which have been made in the UK.

This category is sponsored by Wagada 


6. Best Business Woman in Marketing & PR Services

This award is for you if you feel you have successfully driven your clients’ businesses in the best direction and have seen quantifiable results.

In your entry we’d like you to show evidence of successful campaigns, the innovative ideas you have used to attract attention for your clients and the ongoing support you offer them and their business. We’d like to hear what makes you different from your competitors in the same field. Please also share with the judges why marketing is your passion and tell us how you continue to build your business.

This category is open to female owned marketing and PR businesses.

Sponsored by Sapphire Business Club

7. Best New Business

This award will be presented to the best new business and is open to you if you have been trading for less than three years (business start date 1st January 2018 or later).

We’d like you to demonstrate for our judges, the impact you feel you have already made in your specific market sector, how your business differs from that of competitors and how you see your future growth and development.

This category is sponsored by Purpol Marketing Ltd 

8. Best Customer Service

This award will be presented to the business who can best demonstrate evidence and results of consistently outstanding levels of customer or client service.

Our winner in this category will be able to prove to the judges an appreciation of and an ability to deliver, genuine added value whichever field of business you operate in. We’d like to see some clear examples of how you have gone that extra mile for your customers.

This category is sponsored by Cleveland Scott & York.

9. Best Franchisor

This award will be won by a business woman who has successfully franchised her business.

The judges will want to know how you developed the business and then the franchise, how many franchisees you currently have, how you support them and your plans for your brand as you move forward into the future. We’d like you to share with us the story of why you chose to franchise your business and include information on your future development plans and goals for the future.This category is open to any business type.

10. Best Coach

This award is for you if you’re a coach who can demonstrate consistently excellent results with your clients. The category encompasses both life and business coaching.

We’d like you to clearly show your impact on the life and career of your clients and would welcome case studies to illustrate to our judges why your business and the work you do is special. How are you different from other coaches? What is your story? Why is coaching your passion? Remember to include details of relevant qualifications and supporting evidence for your entry.

This category is available for sponsorship please email us for details

11. Best Business Woman in Recruitment

This award will go to a woman currently running her own successful recruitment business.

The judges will be looking for details of how you have grown your business, the customer service you provide and your procedures for checking companies and candidates. We would like to see testimonials from satisfied clients as well as some case histories and would like to know how you feel you differ from competitors in the same field? Please share and make us appreciate your passion for your industry.

This category is sponsored by Cariad Marketing

 12. Best Business Woman in Legal Services

This award will go to an individual who excels in her area of legal services and provides exceptional service to her clients. The judges will be looking for evidence of the highest levels of knowledge, skills and communication. Please share with us some customer testimonials as well as details of your business journey and why your company stands out from others.

This category is open to any female-owned legal services company.


13. Best Business Woman in Hair & Beauty

The winner of this category will be a business woman who has evidenced clear growth, who can clearly demonstrate excellent customer care, increase of client base and achievement of goals in line with business plans.

Share your business story along with client testimonials and tell us how you ensure your service is head and shoulders above the competition.

This category is available for sponsorship please email us for details

 14. Best Business Woman in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths)

This award will be presented to a business woman who has a business in STEM and is an inspiring example to other women building a business in the science, technology, engineering or maths fields. We are looking for entries from business women who have taken the initiative and developed their idea with great results. You must provide evidence of your performance and detail the obstacles and challenges you have overcome.  Share why your product or service is a winner in this field.

Sponsored by Jomas Associates Ltd

15. Best Charity Champion

This award is to recognise women who have set up charity, CIC or Social Enterprise to support the lives of others. The judges will be looking for entries which can demonstrate innovation, sustainability and a great positive impact. This is a great opportunity to showcase what you have achieved and get some valuable publicity for your cause. The judges will be looking for entrants who can evidence a well-run charity. CIC or Social Enterprise.

We also supply one ticket per finalist selected to the final free of charge for the Charity Champion category only. The winner of this category will be our charity for 2021 and will be invited back to our final and will be able to fundraise for their cause and also share a short presentation at the event.

This category is sponsored  by Get More Leads Locally 

16. Best Boss – Nomination Only

We want to recognise and reward the brilliant female business leaders in the UK. Your boss does not have to be the business owner for you to nominate.

For this category we want you to nominate your boss if you think she is an amazing person work for.

Our judges want to know about examples of staff training, staff support, company incentives, staff satisfaction and anything else you feel is relevant.

Sponsored by Jaguar White Recruitment

 17. Best Tradeswoman

Are you a tradeswoman who feels your story will inspire other women into the trades? Have you had to break down barriers in your route to success? In your entry please demonstrate you passion for your trade, share where you trained and how you have built your business. You may be a sole trader or you may have a team. We would love to recognise and reward women who work in the trades industry including plumbers, electricians, construction, mechanics, property development and other professions classed as a trade.


18. Most Inspiring Business Woman

This award is open to any woman who feels her story will inspire and encourage others who may be following in her footsteps.

You will be able to clearly reveal how you have overcome various obstacles on your journey to success, demonstrating your determination and commitment. For this award we are looking for an amazing and inspirational story behind a successful business woman.

This category is sponsored by Sister Snog 

19. Best Business Award

This award will go to the business which can confidently showcase outstanding achievement and success. We are looking for great results in all aspects of the business –  from profitability to customer relations and from strong and consistent growth to innovation and implementation. You must have started the business at least 4 years ago and have a proven track record.

This category is open to businesses in any category.

This category is sponsored by Franchise Futures

More information

All information you supply remains strictly confidential.

Entries which are incomplete will not be considered.

For more information on any of the women’s business award categories above, please call or email Debbie Gilbert on 07795 683598/01442 382682 or